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eSelling Machine

The eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard is, in short, a system to create story-driven non-fiction books to sell on Amazon. My favorite part about Sophie's approach is that you can simply outsource the whole process or use AI tools inside eSelling Machine to do as little or as much of the work for you.

Introduction - eSelling Machine

eSelling Machine

E-Selling Machine, found online at, is an all-inclusive business opportunity package from Sophie Howard.

When you buy E-Selling Machine online today, you get a package of guides, tools, and software you can use to start earning money online via Amazon Kindle, Create Space, and Audible.

Is E-Selling Machine legit? How does Sophie earn $30,000 per month? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about E-Selling Machine and how it works today in our review.

What Is eSelling Machine

Sophie Howard's eSelling Machine is a system that guides Amazon sellers seeking to create a passive income through Kindle, Create Space, and Audible.

Howard has been dubbed the "Amazon Selling Queen" and has sold millions of dollars worth of products on the platform. With her extensive background in e-commerce, she has developed a proven system to help entrepreneurs and writers leverage Amazon's market share for big profits.

Howard debunks that Amazon Kindle is oversaturated and encourages users to utilize hidden, undiscovered niches. With eSelling Machine, Howard positions sellers for success, providing them with all the necessary tools to maximize profits and succeed in the Amazon market.

The system suits writers, entrepreneurs, and everyday people looking to make a sustainable and passive income online.

Who Is Sophie Howard?

Sophie Howard eSelling Machine

Sophie Howard is a highly successful Amazon seller and digital entrepreneur with years of experience in the e-commerce space. With two previous 7-figure Amazon businesses, she has a proven track record of success in finding profitable products to sell.

Her private label system has even caught the attention of A-list celebrities, making her brand a sought-after product in Los Angeles. Sophie's expertise extends beyond successful selling, as she also runs coaching programs, webinars, and mastermind groups to help Amazon sellers reach their full potential.

She aims to help individuals find profitable products, build premium brands, and sell online businesses.

With her deep knowledge and experience in the thriving e-commerce niche, Sophie is widely respected in the Amazon community as one of the gurus that have done it. Her invaluable insights and advice have helped over 8,000 people master Amazon FBA and achieve financial success.

How Does eSelling Machine Work?

Let's start with the 100 complicated steps to create and sell eBooks online… I'm just kidding! The truth is that creating an passive income with eSelling Machine can be summarized in 4 steps:

  1. Niche Finder:: The first step is to find a niche with a huge profit potential. You want to create content people are searching for and Sophie has a great method to do that. Plus you will have AI and my bonus to help you even further (bonus details)
  2. Content Creation: Here you can go several different directions. The most hands-off approach is just having it written for you, which costs around $1,000 for a well-written book. However, you can cut the cost by using AI, writing it yourself or or do a combination of all three methods.
  3. Book Cover Design: Despite the popular saying, many people will judge your book by its cover. You can use freelancers Sophie suggests to get a cover for under $50, or use AI and something like Canva to do it yourself. I do my own book covers these days and will show you how you can do it too.
  4. Publishing Your Book: Once you have your book completed follow the Sophie's steps to convert and publish it to platforms like Amazon Kindle, Create Space and Audible. Creating 3 income sources from one book; ebook, paperback and audiobook.
Now, there is a bonus step to generate more sales quicker, but is not required, and it's to promote your book with Amazon ads. Based on tests you can expect to 10x your sales based on a budget. So, a $100 pet month in ads should bring in around $1,000 in sales.

On top of that eSelling Machine also includes other ways to promote your book, but paid and free. Some of them are really clever, and effective.

However, what if I told you that as a bonus I'll promote your book for you for free, using my own methods?

Benefits of eSelling Machine

E-Selling Machine is designed to equip students with everything they need to launch a successful digital marketing business by selling eBooks online.

Here are some of the benefits of buying E-Selling Machine today:

  1. Discover how Sophie Howard makes $30,000 per month selling eBooks online through Audible, Amazon Kindle, and Create Space
  2. Learn the step-by-step process you can use to replicate Sophie’s success and make money online
  3. Get started today
  4. All-inclusive package with video training sessions, guides, eBooks, and bonuses
  5. Access to expert VIP concierge team, 12 weeks of weekly group coaching, AI-enhanced VIP tools, and more
  6. Free, zero-risk introductory webinar to learn more about the business opportunity

Training Course

Here’s what you are going to learn within the 6 weeks training course

  • Module #1: Laying The Foundation – First we lay the groundwork to best set you up for success.
  • Module #2: The Secret To Building a Success Business – Get your mind right, and the results follow easily.
  • Module #3: Book Ideas – This is where the rubber meets the road. Discover how to come up with ideas that will sell, and assess the demand and competition!
  • Module #4: Assessment and Profitability: Using our very own niche finder software, learn how to assess your ides for profit!
  • Module #5: Identify your Keywords
  • Module #6 & 7: Best Seller – It’s important the book we release is quality, and something that people want to read. But we don’t have to write it ourselves! 
  • Module #8 & 9: Make It Sell – I’ve discovered a few hacks on how to launch your book on Amazon to help ensure your book reaches your maximum sales potential 
  • Module #10: Sales BOOM – Advertise your book for low cost, for one of the highest return on investment activity I’ve ever seen

What’s Included with E-Selling Machine? 

Inside the eSelling Machine program, there is a wealth of knowledge and resources for aspiring Amazon sellers.

The program includes eight weeks of live coaching calls, Q&A sessions, and access to a private Facebook group where members can ask questions and receive support. Additionally, over 40 video modules cover various topics, from market research and product selection to pricing strategies and marketing tactics.

Members also receive templates for book outlines, descriptions, keyword research, and access to tools like KDP Rocket and Publisher Rocket for keyword research and competition analysis.

Here's A Breakdown Of Everything You Get Today:

  1. Step By Step Video Training ($2,997 Value)
    Video instructions have been created in a manner that is easy enough for a 5th grader to understand but still packs enough punch to enable anyone to publish eBooks which can be converted into digital assets. This is a great way to generate passive income.

  2. Expert VIP Concierge Team ($1,118 Value)
    Ensure you never find yourself in a situation where you need help figuring out what to do. Our VIP concierge team can assist you 24/7 for a full year. They will provide you with the entire business strategy and help and guidance for executing it successfully.

  3. My Little Black Book of Contacts ($1,000 Value)
    Avoid spending thousands of dollars learning through trial and error by hiring experienced and reliable writers, designers, and other service providers with a successful track record!

  4. E-Selling Machine PRO - AI Enhanced VIP Tools ($997 Value)
    Utilize the strength of AI to stay ahead of the game, as a PRO toolkit is available to assist you in creating outlines for books, writing chapter drafts, editing, revising, and other tasks. All are tailored to make running your business effortless and allow you to get started quickly!

  5. 12 Months of Weekly Group Coaching ($3000 Value)
    I would like to assist you in achieving success through weekly group coaching sessions. You will have the opportunity to have all of your inquiries addressed and acquire knowledge that you were unaware you needed. This is crucial for your triumph and I emphasize its significance.
One of the unique features of the eSelling Machine program is the emphasis on automation and outsourcing, focusing on creating a system that generates passive income.

Overall, the eSelling Machine program provides a comprehensive blueprint for anyone looking to succeed in selling on Amazon and create a sustainable business model for passive income. Plus, you'll get all bonuses from Sophie, If you take action now.

Some Of My Most Recent Results

Sophie Howard's results of $220k in a year sounds crazy, and below you can see how the money just keeps rolling in, but how about her students?

eSelling Machine Result

Why selling on amazon (Why This Business Model?)

Amazon is debatably the best chance for anyone to form cash online. Statistically, concerning two-hundredths of merchants on Amazon sell over $1 million each year! Therefore, the variety remains growing.

So, what do these thriving sellers have in common? What’s their secret? Well, we will all agree that it’s tough to sell on Amazon.

Indeed, most sellers who try and utilize Amazon, fail to induce even one product to carry on the platform.

If you’re a beginner, you need to select the simplest product – one that sells.

To boot, you need to calculate each fee to make sure you’ll still eventually get a profit. You furthermore might need to perceive a way to contend effectively with various best-seller products on Amazon already.

As much as it will sound sophisticated, some individuals put together have earned over $1 billion on Amazon. Fortuitously, it’s not laborious to know. There’s a selected formula that these individuals follow. So, if they need to do it, why not you?

That’s wherever eSelling Machine comes into play.

With a revenue forecast of $400 billion, Amazon is already a global face of online shopping and that is also an advantage to sellers on the platform, because you have an opportunity to grow your online business, big as well.

You also get a share of 50% of Amazon’s profit, which is shared among the traders on Amazon

eSelling Machine Bonuses

Three Touch Point Check-ins ($600)

We will personally jump on an onboarding call with you to get you started, and again in 30 days and 60 days to make sure you are on track. In the unlikely event you are not, together we'll come up with a personalized plan to get you to where you need to be!

eSelling Machine Bonus 1
Niche Finder Software (Priceless!)

Take the guessing out! With this software you'll have a very good idea before you even get started how likely you book is to sell, and how much money it could potentially make.

eSelling Machine Bonus 2
Free Fast Start #1: Public Domain Masterclass ($997 Value)

What if you could get your first book up on Amazon without writing a word, and without paying anyone else to write? With this free fast start, you can do exactly that!

eSelling Machine Bonus 3
Free Fast Start #2: Low Content Masterclass ($997 Value)

A second method that you can use to get a book up and selling on Amazon without having to pay to get it written, and with minimal writing yourself.

eSelling Machine Bonus 4
Paperback and Audible Profit Multiplier ($497 Value)

Instantly multiply your profits using work you've already done, by simlpy releasing the paperback version of your book, and also an audio version. We'll take you through everything you need, step by step!

eSelling Machine Bonus 5
International Profit Multiplier ($300 Value)

Yet another way to multiply your profits using work you've already done! Go to other English speaking countries, and/or get your book translated. We'll show you everything you need to know, step by step.

eSelling Machine Bonus 6
Fast Launch Facebook Group ($1,164 Value)

You will also get access to an exclusive, highly active Facebook Group, used to help you launch your book and climp Amazon rankings!

eSelling Machine Bonus 6

Money Back Guarantee

eSelling Machine

Your 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee

After 180 days in the program you can obtain a 100% money back refund on your course fees, if you are not satisfied with the program providing that you have:
Studied the course materials and gone through the program Launched your business by listing at least 1 book on the Amazon Kindle platform
This guarantee is in place to ensure that if you take action, we are 100% backing your success in the program.

eSelling Machine Money Back Guarantee

eSelling Machine Pricing And Upsells

Payment Plan (3 Monthly Payments of $997):
Three payments of $997 USD. Just $997 USD today gets you instant access, then you will be billed $997 USD every 30 days for 2 more payments

Pay-In-Full (Single Up-Front Payment of $2,497):
Pay in full today and save $494. Single payment of $2,497 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

As much as I'd love to think that my program can put a dint in the Kindle market, that's just not realistic. There's enough Kindle books being sold every single month to wrap around the entire planet and then some! It's a massive market, and at this point, still not very competative compared to other markets.

If you choose to outsource the writing of the book, that will cost around $800 give or take (depending on the book). You will then be looking at $20 - $50 to have a cover designed. If you would like to pay for Amazon ads, I've found that $50 - $100 per month is more than enough, and for me that can often bring in $500 - $1,000 worth of sales.

YES!!! I literally guarantee it. There are no previous skills or experience required at all. This was designed so that a 5th grader can do it. We've had successful people from all walks of life, including people worse at tech than you :)

This is a very difficult one to answer, and depends on many things, such as time and money you're willing to invest amoungst other things.

It's possible to earn enough to replace a full time job in 2-3 months, for others it might take a whole year, or if you don't take action, not at all! Let me put this back on you...

If you knew in advance that it would take a whole year of effort to acheive your income goals, and in that year you would endure challenges... would you start?

If the answer to this question is no, you're probably not the sort of student we're looking for in this program. It's not that it will take a year... but it might, and if you're not willing to stick it out, this probably isn't for you. On the other hand, if the answer is yes, then you 100% want to jump on board right now, before I take it off the market!

Once you book is actually up, there's very little additional time required, until you want to get your next book up. To get the book up, it will require a few hours of your time per book.

Yes. You can do this from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Absolutely. I don't write any of my own books, and I don't make any of my own covers. I outsource them all, and it works really well for me. I'll show you how to outsource it in the course, and also give you all my best contacts for outsourcing.

Don't worry, I'll walk you through step by step in the course how to find an idea, then how to validate that idea so that you know in advance if it's likely to succeed or not. Like anything, it's easy once you know how, and I'll show you how.

3 Part answer:
1. I do do it myself
2. I love to teach and to make a massive impact on people's lives. I've got plenty of money, what else am I going to do
3. Truth be told, I make a lot of money teaching it. I know I have a lot to give, and feel good about being rewarded for it.

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